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Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing

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Computer Vision Group

Digital Image Processing Group

Image and Pattern Analysis Group

Image Analysis and Learning

Position E-mail Room Phone
Scientific Developer A04.327 14830
PhD Student A04.308 14801
Senior Developer
Master Student A04.332 14833
Professor A04.312 14803
PhD Student A04.310 14802
Master Student B03.B118 14851
HiWi A04.330 14832
PhD Student A04.328 14831
Vice Group Leader A04.334 14834
PhD Student A04.231 14840
PostDoc A04.314 14804
Bachelor Student A04.314 14804
Master Student A04.310 14801
Bachelor Student A04.330 14832
Bachelor Student A04.327 14830
Master Student A04.328 14831
Master Student A04.327 14830
Master Student A04.310 14802
Bachelor Student A04.330 14832
Master Student B03.A110 14864
Lab Manager A04.332 14833
PhD Student A04.310 14802

Lumiscan Group

Alumni (Former Members)

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