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Andres, B, Köthe, U, Kröger, T, Helmstaedter, M, Briggman, K L, Denk, W and Hamprecht, F A (2012). 3D Segmentation of SBFSEM Images of Neuropil by a Graphical Model over Supervoxel Boundaries. Medical Image Analysis. 16 (2012) 796-805PDF icon Technical Report (20.85 MB)
Jähne, (2012). 50. Heidelberger Bildverarbeitungsforum --- Jubiläumsinterview mit Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne
Hanselmann, M, Röder, J, Köthe, U, Renard, B Y, Heeren, R M A and Hamprecht, F A (2012). Active Learning for Convenient Annotation and Classification of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Images. Analytical Chemistry. 85 (1) 147-155PDF icon Technical Report (2.58 MB)
Röder, J, Kunzmann, K, Nadler, B and Hamprecht, F A (2012). Active Learning with Distributional Estimates. UAI 2012. Proceedings. 715-725PDF icon Technical Report (267.67 KB)
Nagel, L, Richter, K E and Jähne, B (2012). Active Thermography as a Link between Laboratory and Field Studies. SOLAS Open Science Conference, Washington State, USA
Jähne, (2012). Atmosphere-water exchange. Encyclopedia of Sustainable Science and Technology. Springer. 1 594--606
Jähne, (2012). Atmosphere-water exchange. Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment --- selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology. Springer. 1 175--193
Kreshuk, A (2012). Automated Analysis of Biomedical Data from Low to High Resolution. University of Heidelberg
Zechmann, C M, Menze, B H, Kelm, B M, Zamecnik, P, Ikinger, U, Waldherr, R, Delorme, S, Hamprecht, F A and Bachert, P (2012). Automated vs. manual pattern recognition of 3D 1H MRSI data of patients with prostate cancer. Academic Radiology. 19, 6 675-684
Monroy, A and Ommer, B (2012). Beyond Bounding-Boxes: Learning Object Shape by Model-driven Grouping. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Springer. 7574 582--595PDF icon Technical Report (1.58 MB)
Voss, B, Stapf, J, Berthe, A and Garbe, C S (2012). Bichromatic Particle Streak Velocimetry bPSV -- Interfacial, v3C3D velocimetry using a single camera. Exp. Fluids
Fehr, J and Jähne, B (2012). Bilder berechnen - nicht nur aufnehmen. Optik & Photonik. 7 50-53
Fehr, J and Jähne, B (2012). Bilder berechnen --- nicht nur aufnehmen : ``Computational Photography'' wird zunehmend interessant für die industrielle Bildverarbeitung. Optik & Photonik. 7 50--53
Kappes, J H, Savchynskyy, B and Schnörr, C (2012). A Bundle Approach To Efficient MAP-Inference by Lagrangian Relaxation. CVPR. Proceedings. 1688-1695
Kappes, J H, Savchynskyy, B and Schnörr, C (2012). A Bundle Approach To Efficient MAP-Inference by Lagrangian Relaxation. CVPRPDF icon Technical Report (430.63 KB)
Geese, M, Ruhnau, P and Jähne, B (2012). CNN based dark signal non-uniformity estimation. Cellular Nanoscale Networks and Their Applications (CNNA), 2012 13th International Workshop on. 1--6
Geese, M, Jähne, B and Ruhnau, P (2012). CNN Based Dark Signal Non-Uniformity Estimation. CNNA. 1-6
Petra, S, Schnörr, C and Schröder, A (2012). Critical Parameter Values and Reconstruction Properties of Discrete Tomography: Application to Experimental Fluid Dynamics.
Jähne, (2012). Digitale Bildverarbeitung Und Bildgewinnung. Springer Vieweg.
Kausler, B X, Schiegg, M, Andres, B, Lindner, M, Köthe, U, Leitte, H, Wittbrodt, J, Hufnagel, L and Hamprecht, F A (2012). A Discrete Chain Graph Model for 3d+t Cell Tracking with High Misdetection Robustness. ECCV 2012. Proceedings. 7574 144-157PDF icon Technical Report (809.07 KB)
Schäfer, H, Lenzen, F, Meister, S and Garbe, C S (2012). Edge Detection in Time-of-Flight Images. submitted to ECCV, 2nd Workshop on Consumer Depth Cameras for Computer Vision
Funke, J, Andres, B, Hamprecht, F A, Cardona, A and Cook, M (2012). Efficient Automatic 3D-Reconstruction of Branching Neurons from EM Data. CVPR 2012. Proceedings. 1004-1011PDF icon Technical Report (1.64 MB)
Savchynskyy, B, Schmidt, S, Kappes, J H and Schnörr, C (2012). Efficient MRF Energy Minimization via Adaptive Diminishing Smoothing. UAI 2012PDF icon Technical Report (529 KB)
Savchynskyy, B, Schmidt, S, Kappes, J H and Schnörr, C (2012). Efficient MRF Energy Minimization via Adaptive Diminishing Smoothing. UAI. Proceedings. 746-755
Erz, M, Mischler, W, Trein, J, Lin, Z, Lay, R and Jähne, B (2012). Erweiterte Schärfentiefe mittels Scheimpflug-Bildaufnahme und Bildfusion. Forum Bildverarbeitung. KIT Scientific Publishing. 1--12.
Lin, Z (2012). Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Camera: Image Analysis, Optimization and Enhancement. IWR, Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik, Univ.\ Heidelberg.
Yarlagadda, P and Ommer, B (2012). From Meaningful Contours to Discriminative Object Shape. Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision. Springer. 7572 766--779PDF icon Technical Report (4.58 MB)
Krall, K Ellen (2012). Gas Exchange Test Campaign At The Kyoto High Speed Wind-Wave Tank 2011. Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Heidelberg
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Jähne, (2012). Gegenwart und Zukunft der industriellen Bildverarbeitung --- Aufbruch in drei Dimensionen plus.
Savchynskyy, B and Schmidt, S (2012). Getting Feasible Variable Estimates From Infeasible Ones: MRF Local Polytope Study. arXiv:1210.4081
Wanner, S and Goldlücke, B (2012). Globally Consistent Depth Labeling of 4D Light Fields. CVPR. Proceedings. 41-48