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Engelmann, D, Stöhr, M, Garbe, C S, Hering, F, Jähne, B, Haußecker, H and Geißler, P (1999). Particle-tracking velocimetry. Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications. Academic Press. 3: Systems and Applications 663-697
Engelmann, D, Stöhr, M, Garbe, C S, Hering, F and Jähne, B (2000). Particle-tracking velocimetry. Computer Vision and Applications - A Guide for Students and Practitioners. Academic Press. 646-647
Garbe, C S, Voss, B and Stapf, J (2012). Plenoptic Particle Streak Velocimetry (pPSV): 3D3C fluid flow measurement from light fields with a single plenoptic camera. 16th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics. Instituto Superior Técnico. 1-12
Garbe, C S, Kondermann, D, Jehle, M and Jähne, B (2009). Spatiotemporal image analysis for flow measurements. Imaging Measurement Methods for Flow Analysis, Results of the DFG Priority Programme 1147 Imaging Measurement Methods for Flow Analysis 2003-2009. Springer. 106 289--305
Nair, R, Ruhl, K, Lenzen, F, Meister, S, Schäfer, H, Garbe, C S, Eisemann, M, Magnor, M and Kondermann, D (2013). A Survey on Time-of-Flight Stereo Fusion. Time-of-Flight and Depth Imaging: Sensors, Algorithms, and Applications. Springer. 8200 105-127PDF icon Technical Report (6.05 MB)
Jähne, B, Garbe, C S, Schimpf, U and Schurr, U (2001). Thermographie in den Umwelt- und Biowissenschaften. DGZfP-Berichtsband 77. Deutsche Gesellschaft für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V.
Falkenroth, A, Degreif, K, Jähne, B and Jähne, B (2007). Visualisation of oxygen concentration fields in the mass boundary layer by fluorescence quenching. Transport at the Air Sea Interface --- Measurements, Models and Parameterizations. Springer Verlag
Journal Article
Banerjee, D, Garbe, C S, Schimpf, U, Jähne, B and Schabel, S (2008). An active thermographic technique for highly resolved heat transport measurements in paper drying. APPITA Journal. 61 244--249.;dn=113990239180698;res=IELHSS
Voss, B, Stapf, J, Berthe, A and Garbe, C S (2012). Bichromatic Particle Streak Velocimetry bPSV -- Interfacial, v3C3D velocimetry using a single camera. Exp. Fluids
Scholz, J, Wiersbinski, T, Ruhnau, P, Kondermann, D, Garbe, C S, Hain, R and Beushausen, V (2008). Double-pulse planar-LIF investigations using fluorescence motion analysis for mixture formation investigation. Exp. Fluids. 45 583--593
Andres, B, Kondermann, C, Kondermann, D, Köthe, U, Hamprecht, F A and Garbe, C S (2008). On errors-in-variables regression with arbitrary covariance and its application to optical flow estimation. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2008. CVPR 2008. IEEE Conference on. 1-6PDF icon Technical Report (1.58 MB)
Garbe, C S, Spies, H and Jähne, B (2003). Estimation of complex motion from thermographic image sequences. SPIE Proc. 5073 303--317
Garbe, C S, Spies, H and Jähne, B (2003). Estimation of surface flow and net heat flux from infrared image sequences. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. 19 159--174
Schimpf, U, Garbe, C S and Jähne, B (2004). Investigation of transport processes across the sea surface microlayer by infrared imagery. J. Geophys. Res. 109 C08S13
Roetmann, K, Schmunk, W, Garbe, C S and Beushausen, V (2008). Micro-flow analysis by molecular tagging velocimetry and planar raman-scattering. Exp. Fluids. 44 419--430
Garbe, C S, Roetmann, K, Beushausen, V and Jähne, B (2008). An optical flow MTV based technique for measuring microfluidic flow in the presence of diffusion and Taylor dispersion. Exp. Fluids. 44 439--450
Preusser, T, Droske, M, Garbe, C S, Rumpf, M and Telea, A (2007). A phase field method for joint denoising, edge detection, and motion estimation in image sequence processing.. SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics. 68 599-618
Zhang, X and Garbe, C S (2004). Studying dynamical processes of air-sea exchanges with air-water interface image techniques. Recent Research Developments in Fluid Dynamics. 5 57--87.
Garbe, C S, Schimpf, U and Jähne, B (2004). A surface renewal model to analyze infrared image sequences of the ocean surface for the study of air-sea heat and gas exchange. J. Geophys. Res. 109 1-18
Berthe, A, Kondermann, D, Christensen, C, Goubergrits, L, Garbe, C S, Affeld, K and Kertzscher, U (2010). Three-dimensional, three-component wall-PIV. Exp. Fluids. 48 online