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Schimpf, U, Haußecker, H and Jähne, B (1999). Studies of air-sea gas transfer and micro turbulence at the ocean surface using passive thermography. The Wind-Driven Air-Sea Interface, Electromagnetic and Acoustic Sensing, Wave Dynamics and Turbulent Fluxes
Engelmann, D, Garbe, C S, Stöhr, M, Geißler, P, Hering, F and Jähne, B (1998). Stereo particle tracking. Proc. of the 8th International Symposium on Flow Visualization. 240--249
Kondermann, D, Nair, R, Meister, S, Mischler, W, Güssefeld, B, Hofmann, S, Brenner, C and Jähne, B (2014). Stereo ground truth with error bars. Asian Conference on Computer Vision, ACCV 2014
Rocholz, R and Jähne, B (2010). Spatio-temporal measurements of short wind water waves. EGU General Assembly 2010, Symposium AS2.2. EGU2010-5509
Herzog, A G, Friedl, F and Jähne, B (2010). Spatio-temporal fluctuations of water-sided gas concentration fields under wind-induced turbulence. 6th Int. Symp. Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, Kyoto, May 17--21, 2010
Klinke, J and Jähne, B (1995). Spatial measurement of short ocean waves during the MBL-ARI West Coast Experiment. IAPSO Proceedings, XXI General Assembly, Honolulu, Hawai, August 1995, PS-10 Spatial Structure of Short Ocean Waves. 390
Atif, M, Zimmermann, K and Jähne, B (2010). A space-variant (3D) image simulation tool for computational cameras. International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP) 2010
Jähne, B and Herrmann, H (1997). Softwarekonzepte und Algorithmen für die 3D-Bildverarbeitung. 4. ABW Workshop, TA Esslingen 22.--23.01.1997
Jähne, (2014). Simultaneous measurements of solubilities and diffusion coeffcients of volatile species in liquids. 7th SOPRAN Annual Meeting, Bremen, Germany, 25-26 March 2014
Herzog, A G, Friedl, F and Jähne, B (2010). Simultaneous high-resolution LIF measurements of dissolved gas concentration fields and measurements of wave slope at a wavy free water surface with wind-induced turbulence. 15h Int. Symp on Appl. Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, Lisbon, Portugal, July 05--08, 2010
Klar, M, Jehle, M, Detert, M, Jirka, G H, Jähne, B, Köhler, H - J and Wenka, T (2004). Simultaneous 3D PTV and micro-pressure sensor equipment for flow analysis in subsurface gravel layer. Proc. of River Flow 2004. A. A. Balkema Publishers. 703--712
Jähne, (2001). Simulation der Austauschprozesse an der Ozeanoberfläche im Labor: das neue Heidelberger Aeolotron. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, Spring Conference, Hamburg, 26.-30.03.2001. Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
Jähne, B, Waas, S and Klinke, J (1993). Shape from shading techniques for short ocean wind waves. Imaging in Transport Processes. Begell House Publishers. 269--281.,36adf33e6f249361.html
Görlitz, L, Menze, B H, Weber, M - A and Kelm, B Michael (2007). Semi-Supervised Tumor Detection in MRSI With Discriminative Random Fields. Pattern Recognition. Springer. 4713 224-233PDF icon Technical Report (872.46 KB)
Andres, B, Hamprecht, F A and Garbe, C S (2007). Selection of Local Optical Flow Models by Means of Residual Analysis. Pattern Recognition. Springer. 4713 72-81PDF icon Technical Report (229.64 KB)
Andres, B, Garbe, C S, Schnörr, C and Jähne, B (2007). Selection of local optical flow models by means of residual analysis. Proceedings of the 29th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition. Springer. 72--81
Leue, C, Geißler, P, Jähne, B, Jähne, B, Geißler, P and Haußecker, H (1996). Segmentierung von Partikelbildern in der Strömungsvisualisierung. Proceedings of 18th DAGM-Symposium Mustererkennung. 118--129
Leue, C, Geißler, P, Jähne, B, Jähne, B, Geißler, P and Haußecker, H (1996). Segmentierung von Partikelbildern in der Strömungsvisualisierung. Proceedings of 18th DAGM-Symposium Mustererkennung. 118--129
Richter, K E, Rocholz, R and Jähne, B (2012). The Schmidt Number Dependency of Air-Sea Gas Exchange with Varying Surfactant Coverage. SOLAS Open Science Conference, Washington State, USA
Geese, M, Ruhnau, P and Jähne, B (2012). Scene based maximum likelihood PRNU and DSNU non uniformity correction. Forum Bildverarbeitung. KIT Scientific Publishing. 71--82.
Jähne, B, Haußecker, H, Hering, F, Balschbach, G, Klinke, J, Lell, M, Schmund, D, Schultz, M, Schurr, U, Stitt, M and Platt, U (1996). The role of active vision in exploring growth, transport, and exchange processes. Aktives Sehen in technischen und biologischen Systemen, Workshop der GI-Fachgruppe 1.0.4. Bildverstehen Hamburg, 3--4. December 1996. infix. 4 194--202
Hering, F, Merle, M, Wierzimok, D and Jähne, B (1995). A robust technique for tracking particles over long image sequences. Proc. ISPRS Intercommission Workshop `From Pixels to Sequences', Zurich, March 22 - 24, 1995, In Int'l Arch. of Photog. and Rem. Sens. RISC Books. XXX-5W1 74--79
Jähne, B, Haußecker, H, Platt, U, Schurr, U and Stitt, M (1997). The research unit (Forschergruppe) Image Sequence Processing to Study Dynamical Processes. Proc.\ 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis'97, Erlangen (Germany), November 17--18, 1997. infix. 107--114
Garbe, C S and Jähne, B (2001). Reliable estimates of the sea surface heat flux from image sequences. Proceedings of the 23th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition, München. Springer. 194--201
von Schmude, N, Lothe, P and Jähne, B (2016). Relative Pose Estimation from Straight Lines using Parallel Line Clustering and its Application to Monocular Visual Odometry. Proceedings of the 11th Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications
Reinecke, H, Fantana, N L, Haußecker, H and Jähne, B (1997). Rekonstruktion von Schreiberkurven. Mustererkennung 1997. Springer. 527--536
Spies, H, Jähne, B and Barron, J L (2000). Regularised range flow. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV). Springer. 2 785--799
Esparza, J, Vepa, L, Helmle, M and Jähne, B (2014). Registration of a multi-camera system with a 3D laser range finder. 9th Workshop Driver Assistance Systems (FAS2014), 26.-28.03.2014, Walting. 37--46.
Schmidt, M, Jehle, M and Jähne, B (2007). Range flow estimation based on photonic mixing device data. Proc.\ Dyn3D Workshop, Heidelberg, Sept. 11, 2007. ZESS, Univ.\ Siegen
Erz, M and Jähne, B (2009). Radiometric and spectrometric calibrations, and distance noise measurement of TOF cameras. 3rd Workshop on Dynamic 3-D Imaging. Springer. 5742 28--41
Detert, M, Jirka, G H, Jehle, M, Klar, M, Jähne, B, Köhler, H - J and Wenka, T (2004). Pressure fluctuations within subsurface gravel bed caused by turbulent open-channel flow. Proc. of River Flow 2004. A. A. Balkema Publishers. 695-701
Jähne, (2012). Plenoptic image acquisition and processing. Proc.\ Int. Symp. Microoptical Imaging and Projection (MIPS2012). 87--89
Haußecker, H, Schimpf, U, Garbe, C S and Jähne, B (2002). Physics from IR image sequences: Quantitative analysis of transport models and parameters of air-sea gas transfer. Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces. American Geophysical Union. 127 103--108
Schmidt, M and Jähne, B (2009). A physical model of Time-of-Flight 3D imaging systems, including suppression of ambient light. 3rd Workshop on Dynamic 3-D Imaging. Springer. 5742 1--15
Jähne, B and Förstner, W (1997). Performance characteristics of low-level motion estimators in spatiotemporal images. DAGM-Workshop Performance Characteristics and Quality of Computer Vision Algorithms, Braunschweig, September 18, 1997. Institute of Photogrammetry, Univ.\ Bonn