PhD Students

Johannes BergerCorrespondence in Videos and Approximate Nonlinear Filtering Using Graphical Models (since April 2013)
Ecaterina BodnariucCompressive Motion Sensing and Dynamic Echo PIV (since September 2013)
Robert DalitzCompressive Motion Sensing and Dynamic Tomography (since October 2013)
Tobias DenckerDeep Architectures for Semantic Video Analysis (since November 2013)
Mattia DesanaInference and Learning with Sum-Product Networks (since October 2013)
Jochen FiedlerGraphical Interaction Models for Multivariate Random Fields (since December 2012)
Niko KrasowskiProbabilistic Graphical Models for Partitioning and Labeling Problems in Connectomics (since May 2013)
Tabea KrockenbergerA Marked Point Process Model for Dynamic Cell Structure in Bio-Imaging (since October 2013)
Stefan RichterGraphical Models for Cointegration and Phase-Synchronization (since October 2013)
Francesco SilvestriSemialgebraic Data Models and Convex Relaxations (since April 2014)
Vera TrajkovskaGraphical Models for Motion Based Video Segmentation (since August' 2013)
Nikolai UferLearning Part Models for Depth-based Recognition (since April' 2013)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Bogdan Savchynskyygraphical models, inference, convex optimization

Principal Investigators

Rainer DahlhausStatistics
Tilmann GneitingStatistics