Object Recognition and Image Understanding

Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer, SoSe 2018


  • First lecture: Monday April 23rd
  • Registration deadline: 3rd of April
  • A spot in the course is not guaranteed after the deadline
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Course information:

Type Extent Date Room Language
Lecture 4 SWS Mo 14.00-16.00
Tu 14.00-16.00
INF 205, Lecture Hall (HS) English
Exercise 2 SWS Tu 16.00-18.00
SR B English


This course will cover the pinnacle of computer vision and machine learning, enabling computers to understand our visual world. That is, we want to understand the foundations and latest research contributions behind algorithms that drive image retrieval on the Internet, self-driving cars, automatic surveillance, etc. How can a machine make sense of an image? How can it automatically recognize objects or human activity in a video? Can we turn computers into artists that can paint images? What else is in reach and what is still difficult to address? To answer these any many other questions, we will cover the essential concepts and algorithms from computer vision, dive into deep learning, and bring you up to the state-of-the-art in the field. Theoretical and practical exercises will give you a hands-on experience.

More Information:

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