4D Light Field Dataset

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The 4D Light Field Benchmark provides light field data, software tools, and a benchmark evaluation as described in the ACCV 2016 paper "A Dataset and Evaluation Methodology for Depth Estimation on 4D Light Fields".

Per scene, we provide:

  • 9x9x512x512x3 light fields as individual PNGs
  • Config files with camera settings and disparity ranges
  • Per center view (except for the 4 test scenes):
  • 512x512 and 5120x5120 depth and disparity maps as PFMs
  • 512x512 and 5120x5120 evaluation masks as PNGs

We further provide depth and disparity maps for all 81 views of the additional scenes.

The 4D Light Field Benchmark is hosted at https://lightfield-analysis.uni-konstanz.de/ .