Optimization in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Dr. Bogdan Savchynskyy, WiSe 2022/23

This seminar belongs to the Master in Physics (specialisation Computational Physics, code "MVJC"), Master of Applied Informatics (code "IS") as well as Master Mathematics (code "MS") programs, but is also open for students of Scientific Computing and anyone interested.


Machine learning techniques are tightly coupled with optimization methods. Many techniques become practical only if there exists a supporting optimization tool.

In the seminar we will discuss a number of recent articles on combinatorial optimization with applications in computer vision and machine learning.

The topic of this semester is the Multi-Graph Matching problem

. We will consider inference and learning techniques for this problem as well as its applications in computer vision.

General Information

Please register for the seminar in Müsli. The first seminar will take place on Wednesday, October 18 at 11:00. Please make sure to participate!

  • Seminar: Wed, 11:00 – 13:00
  • Credits: 2 / 4 / 6 CP depending on course of study

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Dr. Bogdan Savchynskyy