Seminar: Optimization for Machine Learning

Dr. Bogdan Savchynskyy, Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother, SoSe 2018


Machine learning techniques are tightly coupled with optimization methods. Many techniques become practical only if there exists a supporting optimization tool.

In the seminar we will consider a number of optimization problems established in machine learning and corresponding solution methods. The latter range from continuous to combinatorial optimization.


Papers for presentation and discussion are in general pre-selected and grouped by subtopics, although alternatives can also be proposed by students, see below. The short introduction and paper assignment will be made at the first seminar session on 18 April 2018. Drop us an email if you have already decided about your preferences and want to do the selection in advance.

Neural Networks and Convexity

Faster learning: Stochastic gradient and its variants

Combinatorial optimization and relaxations

Paper of your choice
You may also give a presentation based on a paper which you have selected yourself, as long as it fits the general topic of the seminar. This must be discussed in advance with the teacher, however.


Important: The seminar on 27 June will already take place at 2pm.

6 June 2018

16:00 - E. Eulig
17:00 - K. Roth

13 June 2018

16:00 - L. Biasi

20 June 2018

16:00 - L. Kades
17:00 - I. Dehner

27 June 2018

14:00 - K. Schwarz
15:00 - M. Runz


  • Seminar: Wed, 16:00 – 18:00, Raum: Mathematikon B (Berliner Str. 43), SR B128
    Ring the door bell labelled "HCI am IWR" to be let in. The seminar room is in the 3rd floor.
  • Credits: 2 SWS / 2 or 4 CP depending on course of study

The presentations will be scheduled at the first meeting on 18 April 2018.

This information can also be found in the LSF.


Please register for the seminar in Müsli. If you have trouble registering there drop an email to


Dr. Bogdan Savchynskyy
Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother
Lisa Kruse