Algorithms for Low Cost Depth Imaging


Joint project of the HCI PostDocs and the Garbe lab.


Intel Visual Computing Institute, HCI


Very cheap (below 100 EUR) single view depth imaging cameras, i.e. Time of Fight cameras (ToF), are about to enter the mass consumer market While there has been a steadily increasing number of publications and startup companies which address the hardware design of such systems, currently only a few approaches are tackling the challenges of enhancement and analysis of the obtained 2.5D depth data. In general, the acquired images have a low spatial resolution and suffer from noise as well as technology specific artifacts. The goal of the proposed project is to provide algorithmic solutions to the entire ToF imaging pipeline, ranging from preprocessing to image understanding.

At the HCI, we foster the wide range of needed expertise - from the hardware side of ToF to image filtering, segmentation, image features, object recognition and benchmarking, which we are planing to pool in this project to make high impact algorithmic contributions to low cost depth imaging. more