Particle tracking in space time sequences

TitleParticle tracking in space time sequences
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsHering, F, Merle, M, Wierzimok, D, Jähne, B
Conference NameComputer Analysis of Images and Patterns

A particle tracking technique at high particle concentration for the evaluation of flow fields beneath water waves is described. A 1-4 cm thick light sheet parallel to the main wave propagation direction was used to illuminate small polystyrol seeding particles. The depth of the light sheet was chosen such that the particles stay long enough in the illuminated area to enable tracking. An area of up to 14.0x10.0 cm2 is observed by a CCD camera. An automatic tracking algorithm is described to 800 particles/image, yielding both Lagrangian and Eulerian vector field. Test measurements show that the standard deviation for the velocity estimation is below 3%.


Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Citation Keyhering1995a