On the parameters influencing air-water gas exchange

TitleOn the parameters influencing air-water gas exchange
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsJähne, B, Münnich, KO, Bösinger, R, Dutzi, A, Huber, WA, Libner, P
JournalJ. Geophys. Res.

Detailed gas exchange measurements from two circular and one linear wind/wave tunnels are presented. Heat, He, CH4, CO2, Kr, and Xe have been used as tracers. The experiments show the central importance of waves for the water-side transfer process. With the onset of waves the Schmidt number dependence of the transfer velocity k changes from k proportional to Sc^-2/3 to k proportional to Sc^-1/2 indicating a change in the boundary conditions at the surface. Moreover, energy put into the wave field by wind is transferred to near-surface turbulence enhancing gas transfer. The data show that the mean square slope of the waves is the best parameter to characterize the free wavy surface with respect to water-side transfer processes.

Citation Keyjaehne1987b