Regularised range flow

TitleRegularised range flow
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSpies, H, Jähne, B, Barron, JL
EditorVernon, D
Conference NameEuropean Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)

Extending a differential total least squares method for range flow estimation we present an iterative regularisation approach to compute dense range flow fields. We demonstrate how this algorithm can be used to detect motion discontinuities. This can can be used to segment the data into independently moving regions. The different types of aperture problem encountered are discussed. Our regularisation scheme then takes the various types of flow vectors and combines them into a smooth flow field within the previously segmented regions. A quantitative performance analysis is presented on both synthetic and real data. The proposed algorithm is also applied to range data from castor oil plants obtained with the Biris laser range sensor to study the 3-D motion of plant leaves.


Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1843

Citation Keyspies2000a