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Lellmann, J, Becker, F and Schnörr, C (2009). Convex Optimization for Multi-Class Image Labeling with a Novel Family of Total Variation Based Regularizers. IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). 646 -- 653PDF icon Technical Report (930.18 KB)
Silvestri, F, Reinelt, G and Schnörr, C (2015). A Convex Relaxation Approach to the Affine Subspace Clustering Problem. Proc.~GCPRPDF icon Technical Report (878.63 KB)
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Güssefeld, B, Honauer, K and Kondermann, D (2016). Creating Feasible Reflectance Data for Synthetic Optical Flow Datasets. Advances in Visual Computing - 12th International Symposium, {ISVC} 2016, Las Vegas, NV, USA, December 12-14, 2016, Proceedings, Part {I}.
Jähne, B, Waas, S and Klinke, J (1992). A critical theoretical review of optical techniques for short ocean wave measurements. Optics of the Air-Sea Interface: Theory and Measurements. 1749 204--215
Sayed, N, Brattoli, B and Ommer, B (2018). Cross and Learn: Cross-Modal Self-Supervision. German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR) (Oral). Stuttgart, Germany. icon Article (891.47 KB)PDF icon Oral slides (9.17 MB)
Fehr, J, Reisert, M and Burkhardt, H (2009). Cross-Correlation and Rotation Estimation of Local 3D Vector Field Patches. Proceedings of the ISVC 2009, Part I. Springer. 5875 287-296
Maier-Hein, L, Mersmann, S, Kondermann, D, Stock, C, Kenngott, H, Sanchez, A, Wagner, M, Preukschas, A, Wekerle, A - L, Helfert, S, Bodenstedt, S and Speidel, S (2014). Crowdsourcing for reference correspondence generation in endoscopic images. MICCAI
Beier, T, Kröger, T, Kappes, J H, Köthe, U and Hamprecht, F A (2014). Cut, Glue and Cut: A Fast, Approximate Solver for Multicut Partitioning. 2014 {IEEE} Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, {CVPR} 2014, Columbus, OH, USA, June 23-28, 2014. icon Technical Report (10.06 MB)
Honauer, K, Johannsen, O, Kondermann, D and Goldlücke, B (2016). A Dataset and Evaluation Methodology for Depth Estimation on 4D Light Fields. Computer Vision - ACCV 2016 : 13th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Taipei, Taiwan, November 20-24, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, Part III. Springer, Cham
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Becker, F and Schnörr, C (2008). Decomposition of Quadratric Variational Problems. Pattern Recognition -- 30th DAGM Symposium. 5096 325--334
Becker, F and Schnörr, C (2008). Decomposition of Quadratric Variational Problems. Pattern Recognition -- 30th DAGM Symposium. Springer Verlag. 5096 325--334PDF icon Technical Report (1.29 MB)
Ufer, N and Ommer, B (2017). Deep Semantic Feature Matching. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)PDF icon article (8.88 MB)
Bautista, M, Sanakoyeu, A and Ommer, B (2017). Deep Unsupervised Similarity Learning using Partially Ordered Sets. The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)PDF icon deep_unsupervised_similarity_learning_cvpr_2017_paper.pdf (905.82 KB)
van Vliet, P, Hering, F, Jähne, B and Jähne, B (1995). Delft Hydraulics Large Wind-Wave Flume. Air-Water Gas Transfer---Selected Papers from the Third International Symposium of Air--Water Gas Transfer in Heidelberg. AEON. 499--502
Lou, X, Kaster, F, Lindner, M, Kausler, B, Köthe, U, Höckendorf, B, Wittbrodt, J, Jänicke, H and Hamprecht, F A (2011). DELTR: Digital Embryo Lineage Tree Reconstructor. Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI). Proceedings. 1557-1560PDF icon Technical Report (1.44 MB)
Lenzen, F, Kim, K I, Schäfer, H, Nair, R, Meister, S, Becker, F and Garbe, C S (2013). Denoising Strategies for Time-of-Flight Data. Time-of-Flight Imaging: Algorithms, Sensors and Applications. Springer. 8200 24-25
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Schäfer, H, Lenzen, F and Garbe, C S (2013). Depth and Intensity Based Edge Detection in Time-of-Flight Images. 3DV-Conference, 2013 International Conference on. 111-118PDF icon Technical Report (1.85 MB)
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Jähne, (2013). Der Standard EMVA 1288 zur Charakterisierung von Kameras und Bildsensoren: von 2D- zu 3D-Kameras. Photogrammetrie, Laserscanning, Optische 3D-Messtechnik, Beiträge der Oldenburger 3D-Tage 2013. Wichmann. 388--399.
Bock, E J, Edson, J B, Frew, N M, Karachintsev, A, McGilles, W R, Nelson, R K, Hansen, K, Jähne, B, Hara, T, Uz, B M, Jähne, B, Dieter, J, Klinke, J and Haußecker, H (1995). Description of the science plan for the April 1995 CoOP experiment, `gas transfer in coastal waters', performed from the research vessel New Horizon. Air-Water Gas Transfer, Selected Papers, 3rd Intern. Symp. on Air-Water Gas Transfer. AEON. 801--810
Bruhn, A, Jakob, T, Fischer, M, Kohlberger, T, Weickert, J, Brüning, U and Schnörr, C (2002). Designing 3--D Nonlinear Diffusion Filters for High Performance Cluster Computing. Pattern Recognition, Proc.~24th DAGM Symposium. Springer. 2449 290--297
Schlecht, J, Carque, B and Ommer, B (2011). Detecting Gestures in Medieval Images. Proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing. IEEE. 1309--1312PDF icon Technical Report (1.61 MB)
Decker, C and Hamprecht, F A (2014). Detecting individual body parts improves mouse behavior classification. Workshop on visual observation and analysis of Vertebrate And Insect Behavior (VAIB), 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). ProceedingsPDF icon Technical Report (1.48 MB)
Köhler, H - J, Haußecker, H and Jähne, B (1996). Detection of particle movements at soil interfaces due to changing hydraulic load conditions, localised by a digital image processing technique. Proc. Geofilters 1996, Montreal. Ecole Polytechnique Montreal