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Dieter, J, Hering, F, Bremeyer, R, Jähne, B and Jähne, B (1995). Measurements of velocity profiles in the aqueous boundary layer at a wind-driven water surface. Air-Water Gas Transfer, Selected Papers, 3rd Intern. Symp. on Air-Water Gas Transfer. AEON. 145--152
Garbe, C S, Schimpf, U and Jähne, B (2002). Measuring important parameters for air-sea heat exchange. ThermoSense. SPIE. 4710 171--182
Garbe, C S, Schimpf, U and Jähne, B (2008). Measuring momentum transport directly at the air water interface from active infrared thermography. Geophysical Research Abstracts
Garbe, C S, Haußecker, H and Jähne, B (2002). Measuring the sea surface heat flux and probability distribution of surface renewal events. Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces. American Geophysical Union. 127 109-114
Snoeij, P, van Halsema, D, Oost, W A, Calkoen, C J, Jähne, B and Vogelzang, J (1992). Microwave backscatter measurements made from the Dutch Ocean Research Tower 'Noordwijk' compared with model predictions. Proc. IGARSS'92
Klar, M, Stybalkowski, P, Spies, H and Jähne, B (2002). A miniaturized 3-D particle-tracking velocimetry system to measure the pore flow within a gravel layer. Proc. 11th Int. Symp. Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics. 2.3.
Garbe, C S, Spies, H and Jähne, B (2002). Mixed OLS-TLS for the estimation of dynamic processes with a linear source term. Proceedings of the 24th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition. Springer-Verlag. 2449 463--471
Herrmann, H and Jähne, B (1998). Modulare Software für die höherdimensionale Bildverarbeitung. 5. ABW-Workshop, TA Esslingen 20.--21.01.1998
van Halsema, D, Snoeij, P, Calkoen, C J, Oost, W A, Vogelzang, J and Jähne, B (1991). Modulation of the microwave backscatter by long gravity waves as measured in a very large wind/wave flume. Proc. IGARSS '91. 3 1293--1296
Jähne, (1989). Motion determination in space-time images. Image Processing III, SPIE Proceeding 1135, international congress on optical science and engineering, Paris, 24-28 April 1989. 147--152
Jähne, (1990). Motion determination in space-time images. Proc. Computer Vision -- ECCV 90, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 427. 161--173
Geißler, P and Jähne, B (1997). A multi-camera system for in-shore measurements of bubble size distributions beneath breaking waves. Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques IV, Zurich, Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 1997. Wichmann. 251--258
Balschbach, G, Klinke, J and Jähne, B (1998). Multichannel shape from shading techniques for moving specular surfaces. ECCV 1998. Springer, Berlin. 1407 170--184
Balschbach, G, Klinke, J and Jähne, B (1997). Multichannel shape from shading techniques for reconstruction of specular surfaces. Tagungsband Herbsttagung des Graduiertenkollegs "3D Bildanalyse und -synthese". H.-P. Seidel, B. Girod, H. Niemann (Hrsg.)
Lin, Z, Erz, M and Jähne, B (2010). Multi-frequency multi-sampling fluorescence lifetime imaging using a high-speed line-scan camera. Optics, Photonics, and Digital Technologies for Multimedia Applications, 12--15 April 2010, Brussels. 7723 77231S
Jähne, (1987). Neue Ansätze zur Bildfolgenanalyse. Proc. 9. DAGM-Symposium zur Mustererkennung 1987. Springer. 149 287
Voss, B, Heinlein, A, Jähne, B and Garbe, C S (2010). A new approach for 3C3D measurements of aqueous boundary layer flows relative to the wind-wave undulated interface. 6th Int. Symp. Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, Kyoto, May 17--21, 2010
Scholz, T, Jähne, B, Suhr, H, Wehnert, G, Geißler, P and Schneider, K (1994). A new depth from focus technique for in situ determination of cell concentration in bioreactors. Proc. 16. DAGM-Symposium Mustererkennung. 145--150
Jähne, (1991). New experimental results on the parameters influencing air-sea gas exchange. Air-Water Mass Transfer, selected papers from the 2nd International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, September 11--14, 1990, Minneapolis, Minnesota. ASCE. 582--592
Klinke, J and Jähne, B (1995). A new instrument for the optical measurement of the fine structure of the water surface in the field. IAPSO Proceedings, XXI General Assembly, Honolulu, Hawai, August 1995, PS-10 Spatial Structure of Short Ocean Waves. 388
Balschbach, G, Menzel, M and Jähne, B (1995). A new instrument to measure steep wind-waves. IAPSO Proceedings, XXI General Assembly, Honolulu, Hawai, August 1995, PS-10 Spatial Structure of Short Ocean Waves. 387
Jähne, B, Wais, T and Barabas, M (1984). A new optical bubble measuring device; a simple model for bubble contribution to gas exchange. Gas transfer at water surfaces. Reidel. 237--246
Richter, K E and Jähne, B (2009). New schemes for fast measurements of air-sea gas exchange in the Aeolotron lab. Poster abstracts SOLAS Open Science Conference, Barcelona, 16--19 Sep. 2009
Jähne, (1993). New trends in image processing hard- and software. Proceedings Image Analysis for Pulp and Paper Research and Production. 1--12
Schimpf, U, Garbe, C S and Jähne, B (2002). Novel insights into heat transfer across the aqueous boundary layer by infrared imagery and its application to air-sea exchange processes. Proceedings of Eurotherm 71 on Visualization, Imaging and Data Analysis In Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
Jehle, M and Jähne, B (2006). A novel method for spatio-temporal analysis of flows within the water-side viscous boundary layer. 12th Intern. Symp. on Flow Visualization, Göttingen, 10--14. September 2006
Hering, F, Balschbach, G, Jähne, B and Waldhäusl, P (1996). A novel system for the combined measurement of wave- and flow-fields beneath wind induced water waves. Proc. 18th Int. Congr. for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. 31 231--236.
Scharr, H, Körkel, S and Jähne, B (1997). Numerische Isotropieoptimierung von FIR-Filtern mittels Querglättung. Proceedings of the 19th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition, Braunschweig. 199--208
Scheuermann, T, Pfundt, G, Eyerer, P and Jähne, B (1995). Oberflächenkonturvermessung mikroskopischer Objekte durch Projektion statistischer Rauschmuster. Proc. 17. DAGM-Symposium Mustererkennung, Bielefeld, 13.-15. September 1995. 319--326
Schimpf, U, Frew, N M, Kalkenings, R, Garbe, C S and Jähne, B (2003). Observational studies of parameters influencing air--sea gas exchange. Geophysical Research Abstracts. 5 09328
Klinke, J, Jähne, B and Long, S R (1999). Observations of free and bound gravity-capillary Waves. The Wind-Driven Air-Sea Interface, Electromagnetic and Acoustic Sensing, Wave Dynamics and Turbulent Fluxes. 87--88
Geißler, P and Jähne, B (1995). One-image depth-from-focus for concentration measurements. Proc. ISPRS Intercommission Workshop `From Pixels to Sequences', Zurich, March 22 - 24, 1995, In Int'l Arch. of Photog. and Rem. Sens. RISC Books. XXX-5W1 122--127
Garbe, C S, Roetmann, K and Jähne, B (2006). An optical flow based technique for the non-invasive measurement of microfluidic flows. 12th Intern. Symp. on Flow Visualization, Göttingen, 10--14. September 2006
Kiefhaber, D, Rocholz, R, Bauer, P Salomon and Jähne, B (2013). Optical measurement of surface ocean waves. 3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics --- Optics in the Sea
Mischler, W and Jähne, B (2012). Optical measurements of bubbles and spray in wind/water facilities at high wind speeds. 12th International Triennial Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems 2012, Heidelberg (ICLASS 2012)