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Conference Paper
Falkenroth, A, Herzog, A G and Jähne, B (2006). Visualization of air-water gas exchange using novel fluorescent dyes. 12th Intern. Symp. on Flow Visualization, Göttingen, 10--14. September 2006
Conference Proceedings
Bautista, M, Fuchs, P and Ommer, B (2017). Learning Where to Drive by Watching Others. Proceedings of the German Conference Pattern Recognition. Springer-Verlag, Basel. 1
(2005). Variational, Geometric and Level Sets in Computer Vision (VLSM'05). lncs. Springer, Beijing, China. 3752
Kreshuk, A, Funke, J, Cardona, A and Hamprecht, F A (2015). Who is talking to whom: synaptic partner detection in anisotropic volumes of insect brain. MICCAI. Proceedings. Springer. LNCS 9349 661-668PDF icon Technical Report (2.14 MB)
In Collection
Jähne, (2007). Data acquisition by imaging detectors. Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics. Springer. 1419--1436
Jähne, B, Klar, M and Jehle, M (2007). Data analysis. Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics. Springer. 1437--1491
Hara, T, VanInwegen, E, Wendelbo, J, Schimpf, U, Jähne, B, Frew, N M and Jähne, B (2007). Estimation of air-sea gas and heat fluxes from infrared imagery based on near surface turbulence models. Transport at the Air Sea Interface --- Measurements, Models and Parameterizations. Springer-Verlag
Wanner, S, Fehr, J and Jähne, B (2011). Generating EPI representations of 4D light fields with a single lens focused plenoptic camera. Advances in Visual Computing. Springer. 90--101
Schimpf, U, Frew, N M, Jähne, B and Hühnerfuss, H (2006). Infrared imaging: a novel tool to investigate the influence of surface slicks on air-sea gas transfer. Marine Surface Films: Chemical Characteristics, Influence on Air-Sea Interactions, and Remote Sensing. Springer. 239--252
Liss, P S, Watson, A J, Bock, E J, Jähne, B, Asher, W E, Frew, N M, Hasse, L, Korenowski, G M, Merlivat, L, Phillips, L F, Schlüssel, P and Woolf, D K (1997). Report Group 1 - Physical processes in the microlayer and the air-sea exchange of trace gases. The Sea Surface and Global Change. Cambridge University Press. 1--33
Jähne, (2020). Struktur und Chaos: Kleinskalige Austauschprozesse zwischen Atmosphäre und Meer. Heidelberger Jahrbücher Online, Entwicklung – Wie aus Prozessen Strukturen werden. 5 133–150
Jähne, (1982). Trockene Deposition von Gasen über Wasser (Gasaustausch). Austausch von Luftverunreinigungen an der Grenzfläche Atmospäre/Erdoberfläche, Zwischenbericht für das Umweltbundesamt zum Teilprojekt 1: Deposition von Gasen, BleV-R-64.284-2. Battelle Institut
Bergtholdt, M, Cremers, D and Schnörr, C (2005). Variational Segmentation with Shape Priors. Handbook of Mathematical Models in Computer Vision. Springer. 147-160
Falkenroth, A, Degreif, K, Jähne, B and Jähne, B (2007). Visualisation of oxygen concentration fields in the mass boundary layer by fluorescence quenching. Transport at the Air Sea Interface --- Measurements, Models and Parameterizations. Springer Verlag
Jähne, B, Balschbach, G and Fuß, D (2002). Wellenbewegte Wasseroberfläche. Nahbereichsphotogrammetrie in der Praxis, Beispiele und Problemlösungen. Wichmann. 259--262.
Journal Article
Frew, N M, Bock, E J, Schimpf, U, Hara, T, Haußecker, H, Edson, J B, McGilles, W R, Nelson, R K, McKenna, S P, Uz, B M and Jähne, B (2004). Air-sea gas transfer: Its dependence on wind stress, small-scale roughness, and surface films. J. Geophys. Res. 109 C08S17
Hansen, K, Rathke, F, Schroeter, T, Rast, G, Fox, T, Kriegl, J M and Mika, S (2009). Bias-correction of regression models: a case study on hERG inhibition. J. Chem. Inf. Model. 49 1486–1496
Fehr, J and Jähne, B (2012). Bilder berechnen - nicht nur aufnehmen. Optik & Photonik. 7 50-53
Fehr, J and Jähne, B (2012). Bilder berechnen --- nicht nur aufnehmen : ``Computational Photography'' wird zunehmend interessant für die industrielle Bildverarbeitung. Optik & Photonik. 7 50--53
Ozlu, N, Monigatti, F, Renard, B Y, Field, C M, Steen, H, Mitchison, T J and Steen, J J (2009). Binding partner switching on microtubules and aurora-B in the mitosis to cytokinesis transition. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
Kleesiek, J, Morshuis, J Nikolas, Isensee, F, Deike-Hofmann, K, Paech, D, Kickingereder, P, Köthe, U, Rother, C, Forsting, M, Wick, W, Bendszus, M, Schlemmer, H Peter and Radbruch, A (2019). Can Virtual Contrast Enhancement in Brain MRI Replace Gadolinium?: A Feasibility Study. Investigative Radiology. 54 653–660
Haußecker, H and Fleet, D J (2001). Computing optical flow with physical models of brightness variation. IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence. 23 661--673
Frank, M, Plaue, M and Hamprecht, F A (2009). Denoising of Continuous-Wave Time-Of-Flight Depth Images Using Confidence Measures. Optical Engineering. 48, 077003PDF icon Technical Report (2.5 MB)
Eyjolfsdottir, E, Branson, S, Burgos-Artizzu, X P, Hoopfer, E D, Schor, J, Anderson, D J and Perona, P (2014). Detection of social actions in fruit flies. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer International Publishing, Cham. 8690 772–787.
Funke, J, Andres, B, Hamprecht, F A, Cardona, A and Cook, M (2012). Efficient Automatic 3D-Reconstruction of Branching Neurons from EM Data. CVPR 2012. Proceedings. 1004-1011PDF icon Technical Report (1.64 MB)
Fortun, D, Storath, M, Rickert, D, Weinmann, A and Unser, M (2018). Fast Piecewise-Affine Motion Estimation Without Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. 27 5612 - 5624
Thieke, C, Nix, O, Koehn, A, Floca, R, van Straaten, D, Hahn, H, Strauss, L G, Siems, U, Graf, M, Pruem, H, Klein, J, Laue, H and Kaster, F O (2009). A framework and multi-application prototype for integrated radiological diagnostics and radiation therapy. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie. 185 81
Bruhn, A, Jakob, T, Fischer, M, Weickert, J, Brüning, U and Schnörr, C (2004). High performance cluster computing with 3-D nonlinear diffusion filters. Real-Time Imaging. 10 41–51
Frank, M and Hamprecht, F A (2011). Image-Based Supervision of a Periodically Working Machine. Pattern Analysis and Applications. 1-10PDF icon Technical Report (466.61 KB)
Friman, S I and Jähne, B (2019). Investigating SO2 transfer across the air–water interface via LIF. Exp. Fluids. 60 65
Jähne, B, Libner, P, Fischer, R, Billen, T and Plate, E J (1989). Investigating the transfer process across the free aqueous boundary layer by the controlled flux method. Tellus. 41B 177--195
Fiaschi, L, Grosser, K - H, Afonso, B, Zlatic, M and Hamprecht, F A (2013). Keeping Count: Leveraging Temporal Context to Count Heavily Overlapping Objects. ISBI 2013.Proceedings. 656-659PDF icon Technical Report (711.68 KB)
Fiaschi, L, Nair, R, Köthe, U and Hamprecht, F A (2012). Learning to Count with Regression Forest and Structured Labels. ICPR 2012. Proceedings. 2685-2688PDF icon Technical Report (3.66 MB)
Sommer, C, Fiaschi, L, Hamprecht, F A and Gerlich, D (2012). Learning-based Mitotic Cell Detection in Histopathological Images. ICPR 2012. Proceedings. 2306-2309PDF icon Technical Report (1.96 MB)