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Kimmich, D (2011). IWR, Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie, Univ.\ Heidelberg
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Biesdorf, A, Wörz, S, von Tengg-Kobligk, H, Rohr, K and Schnörr, C (2015). 3D Segmentation of Vessels by Incremental Implicit Polynomial Fitting and Convex Optimization. Proc.~ISBIPDF icon Technical Report (611.33 KB)
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Petra, S, Popa, C and Schnörr, C (2009). Accelerating Constrained Sirt With Applications In Tomographic Particle Image Reconstruction. IWR, University of Heidelberg. icon Technical Report (3.33 MB)
Maier-Hein, L, Schmidt, M, Franz, A M, Santos, T R dos, Seitel, A, Jähne, B, Fitzpatrick, J M and Meinzer, H - P (2010). Accounting for an­iso­tro­pic noise in fine registration of time-of-flight range data with high-resolution surface data. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI 2010). Springer. 6361 251--258
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Röder, (2013). Active Learning: New Approaches, and Industrial Applications. University of Heidelberg
Röder, J, Kunzmann, K, Nadler, B and Hamprecht, F A (2012). Active Learning with Distributional Estimates. UAI 2012. Proceedings. 715-725PDF icon Technical Report (267.67 KB)
Kandemir, M, Hamprecht, F A, Wojek, C and Schmidt, U (2017). Active machine learning for training an event classification. Patent, Patent Number WO2017032775 A1


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