Digital Image Processing

About us

Welcome to the Digital Image Analysis research group at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne. The image processing research group at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing was founded in April 1994. Its research integrates novel visualization techniques for image formation, image processing and analysis techniques with the emphasis on images sequences and multichannel images, analytic and numerical modelling of the phenomena investigated, and a comparison with the experimental results derived from image data.

Part of the research group is located at the Institut für Umweltphysik where imaging techniques are used to study small-scale air-sea interaction processes and a unique facility, the Heidelberg Aeolotron is available. Other application areas include atmospheric chemistry (GOME image sequences), botany, physiology, and cell biology. The new techniques developed for basic science are also transferred to industrial applications. Industrial partners of the research group include (among others) BASF AG, Basler AG, Bosch GmbH, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen und Henkel KgaA.

The research group is also pioneering education. The Heidelberg Image Processing Forum, founded 1995, has become a major forum for continuous education and fostering of contacts between research and industry.